Taking note of that insight and optional assets were the simplest to stash, President Duterte said he wanted to make an special group to investigate how local authorities utilized their designations. 

Mr. Duterte exposed his arrangement in Davao City Friday night as he deplored that the nation's boulevards were strewn with junk and nearby authorities were not doing their roles of keeping their territories clean. 

"The Philippines is so dirty, the mayors are not doing anything," Mr. Duterte said in his comments at the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency office in Davao City. 

Duterte slams mayors: The Philippines is so dirty, you are not doing anything
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"There is junk and waste around but we need to sit tight for the plastic to enter the seepage so every time there's a deluge, unreasonable downpour, water, there is obstructing," he said. 

Governors and mayors have optional and knowledge reserves available to them, he noted. 

"I will investigate it. I will make a special group. I will audit your insight reserves too. Those are the least demanding to stash," he said. 

He said local authorities were being paid to carry out an occupation, and this included freeing the streets of junk. 

“The mayors who are not performing, you make your city clean and peaceful. That is why you are being paid, that is why you are in your beautiful offices,” he said.

He mourned that these local authorities who were not performing rather had extravagant furniture and autos. 

"Have you no disgrace?" he included.

Source: INQ

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