Duterte called out on government officials who apparently cuts their time through extending lunch breaks in order to indulge theirselves despite that the hours are being paid.

He warned them to stop swindling the people otherwise they will be dismissed immediately. 

"Bayad tayo. So pag inindian mo ang tao, wala sa opisina mo...after lunch break nasa mga mall, nagpapasyal-pasyal, pag nangyari yan uli, dismissed ka."

"Technically, kayong mga taga-gobyerno, when you are not there to serve the people, you're committing estafa. It's not clearly defined but the act is actually swindling. It's under Article 8 of the Revised Penal Code."

He tells them to work on paid hours. He also encourages government employees to live simply as public servants.

"Hanggang economy lang tayo. Sabihin niyong magdagdag kayo ng pero, ganun din, kalahati ng binayad ninyo pera ng tao."

"You do not have the right to spend people's money nang ganun."
Source: ABS-CBN, TNP

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