Following the tough stance of the Philippine with the West Philippine Sea rights, and has recently earned the favor of the International Tribunal, Vietnam has also  showed their disagreement into China's 9-dash line by refusing to stamp Chinese passports bearing it. 

The Vietnamese government has earlier described this territorial claims as 'absurd'. Chinese entrants must now have separate visa or sign a declaration form, in equivalent of the passport they won't stamp. Quang Ninh People’s Council Vice Chairman Nguyen Xuan Ky said that this is to shun the perspective of China owning islands with the 9-Dash line justification

Quoting from his statement, he said "“By issuing separate visas, Vietnamese authorities can avoid directly stamping the passports, thus demonstrating Vietnam’s stance of not recognizing the nine-dash line in any form,”

They decided to aggresively show China that their country does not and would not recognize these claims. Travel agency director Tran Ngoc Tuan, said in an interview: 

“Holders of such passports have to agree to use a separate visa issued by Vietnam, without getting an entry stamp on their passports. We explain to them that Vietnam would not put a stamp on their passports because the nine-dash line there has no value."

They have also confiscated Chinese maps bearing the claims as confirmed by the Customs officers in Vietnam's Da Nang International Airport. Passports who have been mistakenly allowed to be stamp, will be refused on their return. 

Vietnam Rejects Chinese Passports With 9-Dash Line; Says 9-Dash Line Has no Value
Source: KickerDailyTNP

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