A rampage between a car driver and a cyclist ended in a tragic incident which was caught by the CCTV on the area. 

Based on the video that was posted by Top Gear Philippines, two men started shouting and hitting each other after a misunderstanding.  

The man driving the car then stopped and went back inside. But just as the cyclist was about to leave, the other man shot him multiple times. 

With the help of the social media users, the Red Hyundai EON with the conduction sticker of MO3746 was traced to a man named Nestor Punzalan. People are claiming that he is the man behind the said shooting. 

However, an update was posted by Top Gear Philippines saying that a witness saw the conduction number of the involved car and it was MO3745 not MO3746

The owner of the car with the conduction sticker of MO3746 went to the National Bureau Of Investigation to clean up his name regarding the allegations that he is the man involved in the road rage incident. He admitted owning a Hyundai Eon but he pointed out that he never used it on the night that the crime was committed. 

Source: TNP, TopGearPH, GMA

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