The Duterte administration's promise of change is brought to greater measures with the recent filing of House Bill 1 that tackles the revival of death penalty for heinous crimes.

If this bill pursues and is implemented, Vhon Tanto the suspect of the Road Rage Shooting incident in Quiapo may be among the very first victims of Death penalty in the country under the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte. The incident was caught on camera as Vhon Tanto shot the cyclist five times. 

Many netizens favored the possibility of Vhon Tanto's execution by being hanged.

"Crimes like this is the reason why we must implement the death penalty again in the Philippines, to strike fear to all criminals," one netizen commented.

The criminality in the country had gone alarming; Possibly the main reason why people are pushing for the restoration of the death penalty as the highest punishment for crimes. 

"The criminal justice system has had to make do with penal laws that are perceived to be less than dissuasive. There is evidently a need to reinvigorate the war against criminality by revising a deterrent coupled by its consistent, persistent and determined implementation," said Alvarez and Castro, the men behind the filing of the house bills.

"The Philippines society is left with no option but to deal with certain grievous offenders in a manner commensurate to the gravity, perversity, atrociousness and repugnance of their crimes," they said.

However, the revival of this bill might take time due to many factors that affects the implementation and revival of the penalty.

"What kind of face are we going to show the rest of the world, having promised at a certain point that we will eradicate death penalty and here comes a new leader who wants to reimpose death penalty just because he wants to curb criminality," said Philippine Amnesty International vice chair Romeo Cabarde Jr.

If the death penalty is truly revived, will Vhon Tanto be among the first ones to be hanged after his brutal and inhumane way of killing? This question lies within the minds of many Filipinos and those who have suffered the loss of the victim of Tanto.

Road Rage Suspect- Vhon Tanto May Be Among The First Victims Of Death Penalty Under Duterte's Term
Source: TNP, Du30news.com

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