Novice Senator Leila de Lima stand herself that she would not be daunt or intimidated despite what netizens described her as “incessant vicious attacks” on social media.

“I know that I’m now a subject of incessant vicious attacks in the social media. But I don’t intend to dignify them by probing into who’s behind them and why,” De Lima said in a text message to reporters on Monday.

“It will just be a waste of time. Pinapa sa Diyos ko na lang mga ganyan,” she said.

De Lima was still reacting to a viral video which supposedly showed her rubbing elbows with one of the country’s alleged top drug lords, Herbert Colangco, during an event last year.

The senator has already clarified that the man in the video was not Colangco but Representative Alfred Vargas.

De Lima lamented that she was “practically defenseless” against these rabid attacks in the social media.

“My only defense is a clear conscience and my fidelity to the Constitution and the law,” she said.

“But if they think I will be cowed or intimidated, they’re grossly mistaken!” the senator added.

De Lima earlier filed a resolution in the Senate calling for an “urgent” investigation into the “rampant extrajudicial killings and summary executions of suspected criminals” in the country.

Source: Inquirer

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