I told you so.
President Rodrigo Duterte feels vindicated about his campaign warning that the drug problem is much worse than people though it was.
Since he won the May 9 elections, Duterte reported that 72,000 drug pushers and addicts have come out of the woodwork to present themselves to police and barangay officials to avoid the fate of hundreds of dead drug pushers and addicts featured nightly on TV Patrol.
“What to do with 72,000 drug surrenderees? Now, nakita na ninyo. It’s 72,000 ang nag-surrender,” said Duterte in a speech during a reunion with his San Beda College batchmates in Malacanang on 17 July 2016.
But Duterte believes that there are still more who have not come out to register for daily monitoring in their neighborhood, noting that that the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agencay had placed the number of drug addicts in the millions three years ago.
“And ‘yung hindi (nag-surrender)? Papaano ‘yan? Exponentially, ilan sila ngayon? Hindi mo malaman ano factors diyan eh,” said Duterte.
Since most of the country’s drug addicts use chemical-based substances like shabu (in contrast to the natural drugs such as cocaine and marijuana), Duterte was doubtful whether they could still be cured with a rehabilation process.
“Shabu, it’s a deadly mix of chemicals. Ang tubig na ginagamit diyan, alam mo kung ano? Tubig ng baterya. How can we rehabilitate? They say that ang brain ng human being, with constant use (of shabu), more than a dozen times, it begins to shrink the brain. So, sabi nila, on the largest scale, rehab is no longer a viable option,” said Duterte.
Duterte said he knew that the drug problem was deathly serious that’s why he took extreme measures to solve the problem as Davao City mayor.
“I was then a mayor but I knew that the country had a very, very serious problem sa drugs. So hindi kami maka-ano, kasi parang tingin ng mga itong the bleeding hearts and the human rights, wala na kaming redeeming value sa gobyerno,” said Duterte.
He said that if he didn’t act with decisiveness on the drug menace, the country would inevitably morph into a narco state in six years.


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