Many citizens have been troubled by the overwhelming number of vigilante killings that have surfaced in the news. People reacted in different ways but the number of people who opposed the act had been evident and many as well links it to the new administrations anti-drug campaign believing that it was their easiest way of eliminating drug abuse.
Philippine National Police (PNP) Director General Ronald 'Bato' Dela Rosa have spoken in regards to the issue and denies connection of the alleged killings with the police department saying that he is against vigilantism and that he believes this is the works of drug syndicates wiping out possible leaks in their operations.

"I don’t encourage that vigilantism. As I’ve said, you cannot correct a mistake by making another mistake, ’di ba? Alam natin na yung pagtutulak at paggamit ng droga ay mali. Gagawan mo pa ng isang kamalian na papatayin mo yung involved d’yan? What will happen to us? Cycle of evil deeds?" He said. "It’s either there’s a vigilante group or vigilante personalities or itong mga sindikato nagpapatayan na sila."

Dela Rosa tells of a story of a street-drug pusher who have just surrendered.

"Natakot siya na papatayin siya ng drug lord sa Bilibid. Hindi na siya naka-remit ng pera dahil mahirap na distribution nila eh dahil extensive ating drug campaign. Kagagawan ’yan ng mga sindikato. Pinapapatay nila pag di nagreremit at syempre para di sila maturo." 

"I hate extrajudicial killings. I hate vigilantism. Ayaw na ayaw koyan." He said.

Shocking! Vigilante Killers Are The Drug Lords According To Bato Dela Rosa. Read This!
Source:  Inquirer

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