President Rodrigo Duterte's term has barely started and yet more than 80,000 drug criminals have already surrendered and he is just getting started.

Duterte promises more to come during his term. He says he will go all out in his war with criminality and drugs

"I said I have a job to do. I have a promise to the Philippines...But we have first to deal with the fundamental problem. It’s the deterioration of our system.” He said. “Now, bakit? Nakita ninyo the dimension of it all. The widespread use. Why? Because government allowed it to be that big." 

He believed that the drug criminality had been tolerated by the government for their personal interests, they gained from protecting it.

"Eh, magpalambot-lambot ako. Walang mangyari dito. So I said, I at the beginning, remember all of you that I’m putting at stake, my life, my honor, and even losing the presidency. Hindi ako aatras diyan.”

However, he also said that there is only one thing that could stop him from doing everything necessary, he said that his conscience is an exception.

“Pag ‘yan lang ang nagawa ko sa bayan ko. Period. ‘Di tama na. But hindi ako aatras dito. Not by the Human Rights, not by the religious, not by anybody, except my conscience, because I have to save my country."

Duterte Goes All Out In The War Against Crime Unless... Read Full Statement Here!
Source: TNP , GMANetwork

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