According to rumors, President Duterte is roaming all over Metro Manila using his motorbike just like in Davao.

Photo credits: www.manilalivewire.com

Recently, rumors spread like fire in Muntinlupa just like the quoted post example below:

“President Duterte rode his motorcycle with a helmet around Muntinlupa to inspect the traffic situation. He saw that there were a lot of vendors causing the traffic in Muntinlupa Market.

So he rode his motorcycle straight to the office of Fresnedi (the current Mayor of Muntinlupa City) and the guard at the Mayor’s office didn’t allow him to enter because he had his helmet on. When he took of his helmet, all his bodyguards started to surround him and Mayor Frednedi immediately stepped out of his office to welcome Digong. Digong told Fresnedi he wanted all the vendors out of the streets and inside the market selling area.

And so for the last few days, no traffic and extremely peaceful to walk around the market area.

Change is possible, fast and effective under Duterte, according to the post.

This story originally appeared on Du34s / Duterte Force Facebook page.

After the alleged visit of Duterte, the City Hall orders to clean up the city within 24 hours.


Before visit

After visit

You may never know, President Duterte might visit your City.


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