Baron Geisler uploaded a video of himself asking the son of Duterte to have a drug test. 

The said footage was taken as he was inside the car. He declared a war against the son of the President, Baste Duterte to undergo a drug test

He made a suggestion that both him and the son of Duterte be subjected to a drug test to see who will have a positive result. 

"Your sons, sabay kami. Ngayon o bukas, magpadrug-test. Gawin natin. What will you do kapag yun ang nangyare. Kapag nagpositive siya, what will you do?" An enraged Baron Geisler said this. 

Baron has been vocal that he is opposing the administration of Duterte. First, he criticized the war of Duterte against drugs. He advised the President not to be pretenstious. 

The online community were angered by the video of Baron Geisler. They lambasted the comment section with there words. 

Source: TNP, Kami

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