An online petition which seeks to impeach Senator Leila de Lima is circulating on social media.

This came after the long-standing word war between the senator and President Rodrigo Duterte deepened.

Duterte on August 17 dropped the name of the former Department of Justice (DOJ) secretary, calling her an “immoral woman.” The iron-fisted head of the country also accused De Lima of having an affair with her driver, and that she even gave him a house. Moreover, Duterte also claimed that the former chief of Commission on Human Rights is involved in illegal drug trade. De lima, on the other hand, presides Senate probe on extrajudicial killings because of the bloody drug war happening under Duterte’s administration.

The feud between the two somehow divides the Filipino people.

On August 21, President Duterte Supportes Facebook page, a page that is 101% Duterte well-wishers as it describes itself, shared a poster with De Lima and Duterte’s images. “Petisyon para tanggalin si De Lima sa Senado. Pipirma ka ba? (Petition to remove De Lima from the Senate office. Will you sign?” the poster read.

One netizen said De Lima deserves to be dethroned.

“I think no petition is needed! She should be evicted frm the senate and make bilibid prison her new place! Shame on her! The real drama queen!” Facebook user Jessica Soterania Parcon wrote. On the contrary, another Facebook commenter noted that it should be Duterte who should withdraw from the office.

“Thats a bullshit idea! What is the ground in removing her? Dahil di sya sumusunod sa presidente? (Just because she doesn’t follow the president’s order?) Was it a valid ground? Bumabalik na ba talaga panahon ni marcos,ang martial law na kapag sumalungat ka ay may kakalagyan ka? (Are we going back to the time of Marcos, during the martial law, wherein if someone goes against the leader, prepare for the unexpected.) Wake up bayang pilipinas! (IMPEACHMENT FOR DUTERTE FOR GROSSLY VIOLATING THE CONSTITUTION!” netizen Rodney Dulangan stated. Based on existing laws in the Philippines, De Lima in any way cannot be removed from the office.

Only the president, the vice president, members of the Supreme Court, members of the Constitutional Commissions (Commission on Civil Service, Commission on Elections & Commission on Audit) and the Ombudsman are prone to impeachment.


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