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Actor Robin Padilla and 86 others might avail executive clemency as the Board of Pardons and Parole (BPP), under the Department of Justice (DOJ), is set to review the cases of the 87 inmates.

The BPP’s recommendation to review of such cases was coursed through a notice signed by BPP Executive Director Reynaldo Bayang. Binoe is listed as No. 61 – N95P-2112.

In 1994, the “bad boy of Philippine movies” was found guilty for charges on illegal possession of high-powered firearms and was sentenced by the Angeles City, Pampanga regional trial court to serve a 21-year jail term.

Padilla, who is Robinhood Ferdinand Cariño Padilla in real life, was meted to the New Bilibid Prison in 1997 where he stayed for three years before he was given conditional pardon by then-President Fidel V. Ramos.

However, according to Padilla’s lawyer, Rudolf Jurado, his conditional pardon has expired in 2003 but he immediately assured that they can apply for absolute pardon.

Jurado said, “He is eligible to apply for absolute pardon”.

The lawyer said that the expiration of Robin’s conditional pardon has costed him millions because he could not renew his passport whenever he has invitations for projects outside of the country.

“He could not renew his passport whenever he has invitations for projects abroad because he still has criminal record here”.

Last week, the actor’s camp has submitted all the requirements essential to the application for executive clemency.

The legal counsel said, “I forced him to sign the document”.

Should Padilla be given the executive clemency, his civil rights will be restored including his right to suffrage and run for public office.

Executive clemency is a power vested upon the President to pardon prisoners as stipulated under Article VII, Section 19 of the 1987 Philippine Constitution. It pertains to reprieve, absolute or conditional pardon with or without parole conditions and communist of sentence.

The Malacañan Palace usually grants executive clemency in December as a Christmas gift to aged and sick prisoners.

Atty. Jurado admitted that Padilla was hesistant to seek absolute pardon because he does not want the public to think that he would be given special favor.

Padilla supported and campaigned for Duterte in Mindanao in the last elections. [source]

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