This traffic enforcer deserves a salute from everyone as he wasn't just doing his job but also shows concerns to these jaywalking students. Everytime he catches students jaywalking, he disciplines them by making them sing the national anthem or recite the Panatang Makabayan. 

A certain netizen named Ru Musngi took it to Facebook, where he posted a picture of yet-to-be-identified traffic enforcer and lauded him for his service. 

He captioned it with: 
“Kudos to this traffic enforcer who patrols the intersection along AUF-SCC (Angeles University Foundation-Sports and Cultural Center). He forces jaywalkers (especially students) to either sing the National Anthem or recite the Panatang Makabayan."

He added that the traffic enforcer does not do this out of authority but of concern to the safety of the students and said: "“I got the chance to talk to him the other day and he told me that he imposes these somehow harsh punishments to teach students how to follow the law,” Musngi said. “He added that he’s doing this not for his personal entertainment but to prevent pedestrians from getting hit by rushing vehicles coming from all sides of the intersection.”

He also urged everyone to thank the officer when they got the chance

“If you get the chance to visit AUF, please give him a bottle of water or thank him because he is doing a great job. Or better yet, for the love of everything that is holy, do not jaywalk,” Musngi said.
Source: TNP, Kickerdaily

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