The 16th President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte keep surprising everyone, not just Filipinos but people of other nationalities. Recently , Channels News Asia, a website that caters to Asia's current events and relevant issues, published an article about President Duterte's aggressive campaign against illegal drugs. This caught the attention of many Asian netizens. One of the foreigners who were greatly engaging their reactions were from Singapore

Many Singaporeans lauded President Rodrigo's ways in fighting the illegal drug trade in the country, which most of them agreed, have become rooted in the Philippine society. A certain Kennet Kwan, a Singaporean commented:

"I must confess I had harsh critics about his tactics n skeptical about his vows to combat drugs problems in the Philippines. But now I begin to realized, if he doesn't do it, who is going to do it? Surely, a patriotic Filipino will not want to see the continue decline, self-destruction n decay of civil society of Philippines if they fall deeper into this drug disease n abyss! He just have to get tough."

This comment garnered 137 likes, agreeing to his perspective. Another Singaporean netizens expressed his admiration for Duterte's ways and commented: "He's the man for the job to bring stabilities and properties back to Philippines. Iron fist for now is a must."

Meanwhile, President Duterte recently dropped the names of almost 160 officials, policemen and lawmen who are allegedly involved in the illegal drug trade.

Singaporeans Heard About President Duterte And This Is How They Reacted! Must Read!

Source: TNP, Facebook

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