The Duterte government continues to war with not only drugs and crime but apparently with the Commission of Human Rights (CHR) too, as the said group continues to call out on the President for his intensified and aggressive approach on the drug and crime issues that burdens our nation.

Many supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte are hoping for the abolition of CHR due to the idea that it protects the criminals. Although CHR chair Chito Gascon have denied that saying it upholds human rights which is made to protect everyone.

"Because we are human, we are imbued with certain entitlements which we call rights and these should be protected in a free and democratic society. And when human rights are undermined, we undermine freedom and democracy as well," he explained.

An anonymous writer however wrote an open letter in response to Gascon, questioning the "nature of human rights" that he ought to protect.

The letter read:

"Dear Chito Gascon

Excuse me po. Ang lakas naman ng loob ninyong tanungin si Duterte where are the cases. Diba DILG po ang dapat ninyong tanungin at trabaho nila yan? Eto naman, nakalimutan niyo na po ba yung nangyari during the last administration? Eto po ha, ipapalala ko sa inyo.

“In a news conference at Aristocrat Restaurant in Manila, [es-PDEA chief] Santiago disclosed that during Aquino’s term, Aquino and his Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa were given a list of local governments linked to drug syndicates.

“They [Aquino and Ochoa] knew these individuals. We provided them with the list like Amante, Alcala, Asistio, Ablan, Cuenca and Soon,” added Santiago, who also served as former Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) chief of staff.

According to him, the government lost the cases against the alleged drug protectors after either the prosecutors or the judge dumped the charges.”

So Sir Chito, tanong ko lang po ha. Diba part po kayo ng Liberal Party? I believe mataas pa nga ang katungkulan niyo dyaan dati. Wala ba kayong nakikitang conflict of interest issue sa ginagawa ninyo ngayon? Gusto niyo po ako pa ang pumuna? At saka po part po kayo ng previous administration diba?

So bakit po kaya na-dismiss yung mga kaso sa mga narco-Mayors noong panahon ng manok ninyo sa Liberal Party? Ano po ba ang ginawa ninyo upang po matugunan ang human rights ng mga biktima ng mga adik at pushers? Ang ingay niyo naman ngayon sir. Ano pong ginawa niyo noon? Ano pong accountability ninyo bilang part ng previous administration sa paglobo ng drug menace sa Pilipinas? Wala ba? Kebs lang? Baka si Gloria din po ang may kasalanan?

Salamat po.

'Bakit Ang Ingay Mo Ngayon?' An Open Letter To Chito Gascon. Read What It Has To Say!

P.S. Saka bakit ang tahimik niyo po noong sinabi ng isang UN Human Rights body na si Gloria ay arbitrarily detained ng Aquino admin? Eto naman…selective human rights? echosan lang ha.."


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