Just as promised, the 911 emergency hotline is now available nationwide. It was officially launched yesterday, August 1, 2016, to provide a direct assistance on anyone's emergency

One netizen shared her first experience in using the emergency hotline and took it to Facebook. Her post quickly became viral. 

According to her, around 1 am yesterday, Rosario Juan found herself in her room and a pleading Chinese National sitting on her balcony. He was urging her to let him inside. She was freaked out and had to call the security of the condominium.

“At 12:45 a.m., I went into my living room to check on things before heading to bed. I looked at my window and saw the shadow of a man standing at the balcony of my condominium (several floors above street level), knocking to get my attention. The lights were off and I couldn’t see his face. I screamed and ran back into the room,” she said. 

She then came to know that the man was having an affair with the lady living in the unit above her. The Chinese national was actually escaping after the lady's husband caught them. 

She then remembered that the 911 emergency hotline had just been launched. 

“So I called 911. A few rings and someone picked up right away. I explained the situation and told them that issue has sort of been resolved but I want to file a complaint and still get some help from the law. She asked if the people involved were still in the building,” she shared.

“I said that the guards were holding them at the lobby and we were still waiting to get feedback from the barangay. A guard had to actually go and get help from the barangay. She said she could get PNP over if I wanted to and I said, of course I did. She got my details and said she would get back to me,” she added. 

“I then asked if they came because of the 911 call. They did! And I said, ‘Wow! It really works!’ They said, ‘yes, ma’am! We have to be quick to respond now!’ I said I was impressed and grateful. I was probably one of the first few callers. I asked if I could take their photo and post about it so that people will know that 911 works. They happily obliged,” 

Meanwhile, the 911 hotline has already received 2,745 calls in which 75 of them were legitimate concerns, 1,119 were dropped calls and 304 were prank calls. 

Read the full post of Rosario Juan below:
Source: TNP, GMAnetwork

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