It seems that the feud between President Duterte and Senator De Lima will never come to an end! They'll surely end up exchanging statements until the end of the year term. 

In line with the on-going feud between them, Senator De Lima has been the center of all attention after an alleged s3x scandal of her went viral online.

A lot of people quickly assumed that it was Senator De Lima and her driver's 'scandal,' however, a netizen clarified this and said that it wasn't really De Lima.

The Facebook user named Mae Vir Alerta Capulong has just revealed that the viral [email protected]@l of De Lima is FAKE and that the footage was just taken from an adult site. 

However, there are still some who doesn't believe in this and insisted that Senator De Lima is really having an affair with her driver.

Click HERE to see the photo.
Source: TNP, Facebook

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