The government continues to prove how serious the President is and his constituents in his oath of eradicating drug criminalities in no more than 6 months.

Their continued efforts intensifies with each passing day, drug raids and operations are being conducted everywhere and previously the President succumbs to the challenge of catching big fishes too as he releases a list of narco-politicians. Although there had been no recent updates as to the status of the said list; rumor has it that the Philippine National Police (PNP) have another list in hand, celebrities and famous personalities involved in illegal drug trade and use.

According to an article from Trends Enthusiast, the police department possesses a list of narco-celebrities and a few arrests have been made while others are still under surveillance. 

As to whether this is true or not, we do not know, but surely one thing's for sure, the government is serious in the war waged by the new administration against drugs and crimes and they assured us that they will permanently eradicate this problems the nation faces by all means necessary.


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