A video warning Duterte supporters to brace themselves for the “oust Duterte” movement of the Liberal Party is making the rounds online.

On a Facebook post, the page ‘Now Pilipinas’ published the video of a girl who issued a distress call to Duterte supporters to unite in light of the threat made by party-list Rep. Harry Roque that the President could be ousted either by impeachment or ‘people power’ in the wake of the Duterte martial rhetoric.

In the video, the unidentified woman appeals to netizens not to support the alleged ‘ouster movement’ hatched against Duterte led by the likes of Harry Roque in exchange for 500 pesos.

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The highly emotionally-charged video lasted 4 minutes & 30 seconds wherein the girl reiterates her appeal to the netizens not to waste the opportunity to clean up the country from its ills by joining the ouster movement against Duterte.

She claims that more jobs await jobless Filipinos as investors will come in when the country’s problem with illegal drugs are taken care of.
She told the netizens watching her video not to lose hope even when our policemen are dying in the line of duty in the Visayas and Mindanao as the war on drugs campaign of the PNP heats up.
It was at this juncture that the girl cried while talking about the policemen dying in the performance of their duty.

Before wrapping up the video, the girl urges the Duterte supporters to come out, to be vocal about their support for Duterte in the midst of the extra-judicial killings, true or not, being attributed to the President and the policemen who were merely defending themselves in the conduct of their duty.


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