The 32-year-old mom named Guillermina was surprised by the news that she got regarding her first pregnancy. The doctors told her and her husband that she's not just going to have one, two or three babies, but rather five babies and she'll give birth to them all at the same time! 

Each year, there's only 10 sets of quintuplets that're being born in America and this couple were blessed enough to be one of those couples who gave birth to five babies! 

Her story doesn't stop there! The doctors were even more surprise when they saw how calm and cool the mom and the dad are during her pregnancy! 

She's considered as a real hero and a strong person for she managed to carry five babies in her belly for 32 weeks. Despite that she suffered from a high-risk pregnancy and high blood pressure, she still chose not to complain! 

After almost 32 weeks, she finally gave birth to her five healthy babies! 

She's indeed a super mom, but let's not forget to thank the team of eight doctors and a dozen nurses who worked hard to make sure that she'll safely give birth to her babies!

Source: TNP, Kami

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