A video of a young boy making 911 prankcalls have gone viral. The kid repeatedly called making fun of the operators. 

The video was released by the page "PNP Chief Bato Dela Rosa" and have received an overwhelming views of 1,559,112, shares of over 68,280, up to 9,100 likes and 9,700 comments as of writing. Many netizens have angrily reacted and wishes for immediate action and punishment for the kid, however others reported that the video was made years ago and that the kid have already made a public apology. None of this issues have been confirmed or validated as of the moment.

However, with the recent launching of the 911 emergency hotline in the Philippines, many prank calls had been made. Reports say that out of the 2,475 calls made, 1,356 calls made were prank calls although 304 have been validated.

PNP Chief "Bato" Dela Rosa have warned people who have made prank calls and those who plans to do so, he vows that they will be found soon. Senator Dick Gordon was also disappointed and is now pushing for a sim card registration bill.

Source: TNP, Facebook

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