The netizens lauded 911 and MMDA for their quick response to a woman after she shared the story on social media.

Mimi Pascual was in dire need of help and 911's fast response saved them from threatening danger. According to her, she was driving along with her friend when the temperature and battery indicators of her car lit up. She immediately called the emergency hotline out of fear of the car catching fire.

"Long story short, they assessed the situation, an MMDA towing service brought my car to the casa, and made sure I got home safe. They were prompt, courteous, and efficient. Best part was, everything was FREE," she shared.

She expressed her great gratitude to both the MMDA and 911 and the officials who responded. Her 911 story have been garnered up to 5,200 shares.

Many others have shared their 911 stories and have lauded the new administration for the efficiency of the agency.

911 And MMDA Lauded By Netizens For Their Quick Response To A Woman's Call For Help! Read FULL Story Here!

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