Senator Alan Peter Cayetano has once again defended President Rodrigo Duterte this morning during the Senate probe against extra-judicial killings.

According to Cayetano, people should appreciate Duterte and his allies’ efforts to eradicate drug coddlers, to lessen the crime rate in our country.

Drug lords and their supporters are on the run. People are beginning to feel safe. There is a renewed trust on our law enforcers and government under President Duterte. More than about a third are now being saved everyday because of efforts of the Philippine National Police (PNP).
Prior to that, Cayetano also emphasized the Administrative Order issued by former President Aquino that killings related to common criminals or perpetration of their crimes shall not be considered as extra-judicial killing.
Ang mga pushers, user kailangan ng pera, nagnanakaw, but because nagsu-surrender and mga user, nahuhuli pababa ang crime volume. Sa umpisa pa lang ng hearing na ito, kung ano anong numero na naririnig natin, did they clarify which was extra-judicial killing or not?
But Senator Leila De Lima opposed to Cayetano’s speech and she said:
I strongly believe that extra-legal killings, whether perpetrated by the state or by non-state actors, must stop. Blatant disregard for human life must stop.
Can De Lima hear herself as she speaks?
Source: Trendtitan

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