During his speech at the National Heroes Day Commemoration held in the Libingan ng mga Bayani on Monday, President Rodrigo Duterte announced P2-million bounty for the head of every police officer with drug links or is protecting drug lords.

"I am inclined to place a reward on their head, the members of the PNP [Philippine National Police] who are protecting drug syndicates in this country," the President announced. "I am placing on their head P2 million."

In Duterte's speech, he again renewed his mission on intensifying the war waged against drug and crimes.

"I will be harsh as I can ever be."

"I will not relent. The campaign will be continuous. I will finish this war against corruption, drugs, and crime," he said. "I am trying my best to restore order."

"Most of the criminal acts are on account of the drug trade," he noted. 

Duterte Puts P2-Million Bounty On The Heads Of Police Officers Involved With Drug Lords
Source : TNP , GMANetwork

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