Many stories on the alleged conspiracy behind the death of former DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo have been circulating on social media for the past months.

Despite the many speculations, no story have been confirmed. However, Ramon "Mon" Tulfo, radio broadcaster and columnist of the Philippine Daily Inquirer finally spoke in regards the issue and confirmed the long speculation.

Jesse's death was believed to be due to his discovery of the involvement of Aquino's cabinet members and PNP generals on the illegal drug trade as protectors of the drug lords.

According to Tulfo's column on August 25 2016, An "unimpeachable source" have revealed that the late Interior Secretary have known of the drug links and have given a warning.

"If only President B.S. Aquino III, a.k.a P-Noy, paid close attention to the drug problem, it would not have reached pandemic proportions at this time, requiring his successor to take drastic action," his statement read.

Based on the conspiracy stories, Robredo allegedly warned the former president of the government officials who served as protectors of the drug lords. However, Aquino did not heed the warning and allegedly told Robredo to "keep it to himself".

"Instead of taking action, P-Noy told Robredo to keep the list as some poeple close to him, including one holding a cabinet position, were involved," he added.

Many news claiming that after the secretary died on a plane crash, DILG Undersecretary Rico Puno and General Joel Pagdilao was ordered by Aquino to rummage his condominium unit in search of the file that may reveal the name of narco-politicians.

Mon Tulfo Believes Jessie Robredo's Knowledge On Narco-Politicians Is The Cause Of His Death! Could This Be True?

Source: TNP , Scoopitph

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