Peter Lavina a campaign spokesman of President Rodrigo Duterte slams bishops, rights groups and so-called “presstitutes” on their silence on heinous crimes like rape-killings, amid their criticisms of the government’s war on illegal drugs.
Lavina made a Facebook post about a photo of a nine-year-old girl raped and murdered, along with his criticism of the present government’s critics.
“Truly revolting – Nine year-old raped and murdered and we haven’t heard condemning this brutal act from human rightists, bishops and ‘presstitutes’ who are derailing the government’s war against drugs and crime. Among others, they are more concerned with the human rights of criminals and worried about our country’s so-called ‘image’ abroad,” he said.
He however did not disclose any details about the murder.
Lavina said some critics of Duterte’s anti-drug campaign “clearly exhibit elitist mindsets in trying to keep up with the Joneses to be good in appearances but rotten to the core.”
“Ngek! Our righteous battles against drugs and crime are fierce and relentless because we face the Devil himself. We cannot be soft or let our guards down lest we ourselves will be devoured and be defeated!” he added.


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