During the senate inquiry on the "extra-judicial" killings under the Duterte administration, Senator Alan Peter Cayetano showed datas proving that contrary to what almost everyone assumes, the number of killings have abruptly decreased by almost 43% compared to the previous administration.

In his opening speech, the senator presented a data showing the number of deaths per day since the year 2010 up to the present wherein Cayetano claimed that there have been an average of 35 killings per day during the Aquino administration while the numbers went down to an average of 20 per day in the new administration.

"It is being made to appear in the media and with no help by some so called human rights advocates that 'grabe ang patayan araw-araw,' please take note from 2010-2015 during the Aquino administration an average of 35 ang patay araw-araw," Cayetano said.

"Ngayon po sa ilalim ni President Duterte 20 po. More than a 3rd," he added.

Furthermore, Cayetano credited the decreased in the numbers to the Philippine National Police saying lives are being saved.

"Their lives are now being saved everyday because of the efforts of the PNP."

Senator Cayetano Proves The Decrease In Killings On Duterte Administration During Senate Inquiry!

The senate inquiry was initiated by Senator Leila De Lima saying we needed to know how many of the alleged summary executions of drug suspects are caused by police operations and how many are done by vigilantes.

Source: TNP , Rachfeed

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