A local journalist named Ira Panganiban wanted to share the truth about the normal citizens of the country. This is because of the fact that there are certain journalists and politicians who are pointing out that the Filipinos are now terrified to be one of the victims of the extra-judicial killings.

Now, here is a question for you. Are you now confident of walking on the streets knowing that the drug addicts and criminals are slowly being eliminated? Or are you terrified that you might be a victim of the extra-judicial killings?

This is the reason why Ira Panganiban went to the area where tons of pushers are hanging out. But what he found out surely shocked him.

These people are not present in the usual area that they are spending the night. Are they afraid of Digong? They sure are but it is in a good way.

These men were not seen on the streets because the captain of their barangay told them that drinking outside is prohibited by Duterte.

The boys changed their lifestyle because the price of the illegal drugs went up and the demand was decreasing. These people went out to find stabe jobs.

It is surprising that these boys supported Duterte because they know that he is doing everthing for the sake of a better country .

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Source: TNP, Facebook

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