In Balamban, Cebu, a 54-year-old construction worker has been captured by authorities whereas was allegedly accused of raping her 20-year-old daughter who was at that time 4 months pregnant. This act took place BESIDE the coffin of the man’s late wife.

Danny was accused by her daughter Ronda (not her real due to privacy) for she has been molested ever since she was 11 years old. However, she did not told anyone about it with the fear that her Father would put her mother’s life to an end. Ronda hushed despite of the numerous rape incidents that her father did to her because of fearing for the life if her mother.

When she got a bit older, she left their house to be away with her maniac father and got a job. Now, she is pregnant with her boyfriend’s baby thought they broke up recently. 

Ronda has a job as a factory worker in Mandaue City but then she immediately went home upon hearing that her mother already passed away due to an illness that is undiagnosed. This is according to Sun Star Daily Cebu.
Ronda was alone at the two days after the passing of her mother. Her relatives went home to eat and some bought some food. The Father of Ronda cold heartedly took advantage of her even though she is pregnant and thinking that they are currently holding a wake for his late wife!

Ronda rushed to the police station and reported what happened.

At 4PM, Monday September 12, authorities came at Danny’s residence. He then cooperate and went with the police and claimed that he was drunk which is why he did was a scandalous move. Ronda confessed that she was threatened by her father that she will be executed if he fights back.

Their relatives could not believe that Danny would do such a thing to his daughter knowing that he did this beside the coffin of his late wife. However, Chief Senior Insp. Ramil Morpos of Balamban Police Station that the suspect was even smiling and laughing while he got captured. Looking like he did nothing wrong!

As he confessed that Danny raped Ronda at his late wife’s wake, he also denied that he molested her daughter when she was little.

Danny was then investigated by the police if molested Ronda’s sisters.


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