Edgar Matobato has been questioned for his credibility ever since he appeared at the 2nd hearing on the extrajudicial killings inquiry. The 57-year-old man claims to be one of the Davao Death Squad who assassinate criminals and personalities under the direct order of President Duterte back when he was still mayor of Davao city. According to him, he has already killed over 50 people. 

Currently, Matobato lives under the protection of a senator and is guided by former soldiers. 

In an interview with Reuters at a safe house in Manila, he said: "I'm tired of running,"

"I apologize to all the people I have wronged, those I killed." 

"My conscience is bothering me. I want to correct the mistakes and I want justice for those people," he said emotionally, referring to his victims. This was contrary to how he appeared relaxed when he shared the same in the Senate. 

As for his reason for his decision to come clean, he said that a former colleague is trying to frame him to be the "fall guy" for the death of a businessman. He is just leaving to God everything that will happen to him now. 

"I don't care if I die now, I have accepted my fate... I just don't want to go to jail. They had better kill me, hang me for all my sins."

"All my life, I was like a dog being sent here and there and made to do things. I obeyed them, no questions asked."

"My only appeal is spare my family," he said crying.

"It's very difficult," he said. "I can't go where I want to go. I only stay here all day.
"I'm tired of this life."

Meanwhile, President Rodrigo Duterte dismissed his testimonies to just fabrications. In his first 100 days in the office, 3,100 are allegedly victims of the extrajudicial and vigilante killings.

Matobato Says "I'm Tired of This Life", Ready to Die. READ HERE!

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