Who would have thought that a senator’s driver can earn as high as P38 Million? the Department of Justice has received bank documents that show P38 Million in cash deposits were sent to the relatives of Ronnie Dayan in 2014.
According to Philstar, the deposit slips consist of millions of pesos to the bank accounts of Hannah Mae Dayan and Marco Palisoc; Ronnie’s daughter and cousin.
Now, DOJ has forwarded the records to the Anti-Money Laundering Council for verification purposes.
Here’s the rundown of the bank deposits:
  • P3 million –February 7, 2014
  • P9 million- February 21, 2014
  • P6 million –March 14, 2014
  • P6 million- March 28, 2014

While Palisoc’s account received P14, 304,000 last Sept 16, 2014 and October 23, 2014.
The Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II emphasized that there are no other sources of income that can provide such huge amount unless there is something going on illegally.
If there is any link between drug money and De Lima, it’s indirect. Only bank accounts of her companions, friends and employees. But these people have no big sources of income to get millions in deposits, so what other conclusion could you get?-Aguirre


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