President Rodrigo Duterte shuts down talks with Jaybee Sebastian, he said that Sebastian can go to the fiscal if he wants to issue a statement.
Sebastian is one of the high-profile inmate, who had expressed his desire to talk only to the president about his knowledge in the drug trade inside the national penitentiary.
Duterte made the pronouncement early Friday morning in Davao City after arriving from his official visit from Vietnam.
“I do not talk to criminals. He can go to the fiscal if he wants,” said Duterte.
Sebastian was recently stab multiple times in a reported riot in the New Bilibid Prison the authorities says, but the other side of the story Sebestian said that no riot took place, no drugs, a man approached him and started stabbing him in the back and in the chest, at the same time two other high-profile in-mates was being stab in the other cell rooms.
The lawyer of Sebastian earlier said that the information he will disclose is “explosive” which is safe to assume that Sebastian is ready to tell all.

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