President Rodrigo Duterte accused “yellow” forces [Liberal Party] of trying to build a case against him for impeachment.
Duterte said US President Barack Obama and United Nations secretary-general Ban Ki-Moon’s remarks about his methods of eradicating drugs in the country might have been fed with wrong information from his political rivals.
Duterte suspects that they will eventually connect the killings to him and use it as grounds for impeachment.
“Sumakay itong si [United States Pressident Barack] Obama. Sumakay itong si [United Nations secretary general] Ban Ki-Moon. Dito sumakay. Alam mo kung kaninong laro ito? O, ayaw ko nang saibihin. Yellow iyan,” Duterte said.
“They can think that if they can build a case against me, I’ll be impeached… In this quest of mine, I am prepared to lose my honor, my life, and the presidency,” he added.
Yellow is the color of the previous ruling political party and administration of President Benigno Aquino III.
Vice President Leni Robredo a member of the Liberal Party already denied any plans to oust Duterte and claim the presidenc.

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