PNP Director General Ronald dela Rosa said that because of the intense war on drugs, the supply of illegal drugs in the country had cut down to 90%.

“We have severely cut the head of the supply with the operation in Bilibid,” Dela Rosa said.

Dela Rosa said that the drug lords inside Bilibid don't have any more access outside because of the strict security of the 
Special Action Force (SAF) and no more supplies of drugs coming inside the prison.

Also, he said they were able to expelled all the communicaions and other things utilized already by the drug lords in the penetetiary.

“They cannot order because they have no cellphones. So there’s no supply is coming in and they could not distribute,” Dela Rosa said.

“Sino ang tatawagan nila para mag distribute? Putol ang operation center ng illegal drug trade ng Pilipinas ngayon dahil nga na-control ng Special Action Force and Bilibid. This is as far as bilibid is concern[ed],” he added.

“But comparing before the operation in Bilibid was bigger because the illegal drugs operation was used to be unhampered,” Dela Rosa said.

However, Dela Rosa said that there are still drug lords operating outside.

Source: Philstar

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