With the supporters of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte believing that the media have connived against him in order to portray him as a blood-crazed dictator who have allowed a widespread killing to take place in the country, they have took it among themselves to defended the President against the "biased" perceptions cultivated by the media.

This Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) was lauded by netizens after she bravely defended the President against her American boss and "revealed the true state of the country in contrary to what the media have perceived".

She shared her conversation with the online community and it went like this:

American (Kano) talks to his Filipino friend.

Kano: Hey Felicia. I'm sorry to hear about what's going on in your country right now. Hope your family is okay.

Pinay: Why what's wrong?

Kano: Haven't you read the news? There's been a lot of killings going on. The elected President is running the country with his reign of terror. They say he is a mass murderer and he is committing genocide.

Pinay: Oh, you mean the killings? Those are legitimate police operations. Those were criminals and drug peddlers killed because they resisted arrest. Wow! Genocide? That's like killing 6 million in a holocaust. That's just too much. Don't believe that. My family has never been better. In fact, this is the happiest they've been since the new President took office.

Kano: Really? Why so?

Pinay: Yeah. Because change has come. Just barely two months and he's done so much. Did you know that we already have 911 emergency response? 600,000 drug addicts and peddlers voluntarily surrendered for rehabilitation. More than 10 mining firms closed down because of illegal operations. They're making the country self-sufficient in producing rice. Stranded OFWs were rescued in Saudi Arabia. The railway transit is being repaired and is much more efficient now. The President goes after the drug lords and corrupt politicians. The government is engaging with peace talks with the rebels. They're hunting down the terrorist group down south. Crime has gone down 49%. It's so much safer to walk the streets now.

Kano: Wow! For real? I haven't read those in the news.

Pinay: Yes. Because media outlets here only report the negative ones. Most media corporations in the Philippines are owned by oligarchs. That's why they try to bring down the President because they are scared of him.

Kano: Thanks for telling me this. No wonder Filipinos always have good things to say about your new President.

Pinay: That's right. For the first time in my life, I've seen a President that we can really trust. He has the approval of 91% of the Filipinos. Oh, and by the way. Don't believe that it's chaotic in the Philippines. We will be hosting the next Miss Universe and you can go and visit.

Kano: That would be lovely!

Overseas Filipino Worker Defends Duterte Against Her American Boss Who Sided With International Media
Source: TNP , NowReader

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