Following the explosion in Davao City's night market, the Abu Sayyaf immediately claimed the responsibility for it. The authorities confirmed that it was an Improvised explosive Device that killed 10 people on the spot and 4 more upon arrival at the hospital. To us far away from the incident, these 14 people may just be figures to us, but these are 14 stories crying for justice. 

One of them is Edmund Arellano who is the husband of one of the blast victims Ma. Luz Arellano who is, according to him was 28-years-old and was a massage therapist. Luz is also a mother of 3 children- a 6-year-old, 2-year-old, and 1-year-old. She was working on 11 p.m of Friday night when the explosion happened. 

According to Arellano, he immediately ran to the hospitals when the news spread. He failed to find his wife in the list of patients and so he decided to go to the funeral parlors. And at Angel Funeral Homes along Torres Street, he found his wife's remains. 

He emotionally shared how he left home with their youngest child, whom his wife was still breastfeeding, was crying. 

In this video where he granted a netizen Rehey Ybanez for an interview, he pleaded the President to let him join the government troops in fighting the notorious Abu Sayyaf Group so he can avenge his wife. The video went extremely viral and broke the hearts of many netizens. It has now garnered over 800k views.
Watch the video below:
Source: TNP, CoolBuster

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