10 Ways Colangco Pinned De Lima To The Ground In The Last Hearing

Tuesday, September 20, in the hearing against the proliferation of illegal drugs in the New Bilibid Prison while Senator Leila De Lima is still the Secretary of Justice, Herbert Colangco was placed in the witness stand to tell his story.
Just by saying his side, he successfully pinned De Lima to the ground. Here’s how he did it.

1. When Jaybee Sebastian asked for his help to help “Ma’am Secretary” De Lima.

“Pinatawag niya po ako sa Presidio Side po, sa compound niy noong January 2014. Ang sabe niya, nagusap kami, ‘Ahh pare, tulungan po natin si Ma’am, si Secretary.”
He was asked, “Sinong Ma’am yan? Sinong Secretary?”
He simply answered, “Si Secretary De Lima.”

2. When Jaybee said De Lima need help for the 2016 elections.

In continuation to what he was saying above he said they need to help De Lima raise funds for the election.
“para pondo sa 2016 elections.”
When he asked Jaybee what they have to do, he was told:
“Mag teamwork tayo. Alam mo na yun, mag-ano tayo ng items, i-ano mo sa area mo.”

3. When De Lima’s security aide approached him.

According to Colangco, that was his last meeting with Sebastian, but after 2 weeks, Jonel Sanchez went to him asking why he did not return (to Sebastian.)
When asked, he said that Sanchez was asking why he never followed up on what Sebastian asked him to do which was to help De Lima raise funds for the 2016 elections.

4. When he cleared what Sanchez wanted him to do.

When asked what exactly Sanchez wanted him to do, he said:
“Kasi ang usapan namin muna ni Jaybee Sebastian, ay tulungan ko siya sa pagbebenta ng shabu. Ngayon oo ng oo lang ako.”
He said that after a week Sanchez approached him. When Sanchez said that he will be the bridge between Colangco and Sebastian, Colangco said yes for reasons he said that he did not trust Sebastian.

5. When he said they give De Lima P3M every month.

“Bukod po sa transaction na yun, (the teamwork Sebastian is talking about) meron pa po kami tatlong milyon po kaming binibigay buwan-buwan po kay Secretary De Lima po.”
I’ll just leave it at that. While you absorb your shock and anger at what he just said.

6. When he confirmed that everything they want are given to them.

He was asked to explain what the 3M was for, he said they call it PR PAYOLA. He collects money from everyone under him to pay De Lima P3M every month,
“para lahat ng gusto naming mga kontrabando ipapasok.”

7. When he exposed just how they were taken care of and pampered.

So, these are just a few things that he mentioned in his testimony that he has inside the prison:
-golf carts
-his own electricity
-his own concert
-10 wheeler trucks for his concert
-beers in can
-generators for his concerts
Imagine, De Lima is giving him all that just by paying P3M PR Payola every month.

8. When he confirmed that he can do anything he wants inside with De Lima’s blessing.

He confirmed that alcoholic drinks are not allowed to be brought inside the prison.
“pinakabawal po ang inuming nakakalasing.”
He was asked why he was able to bring in 300 boxes if it was not allowed.
“Syempre po may basbas ni Secretary De Lima.”

9. When he exposed De Lima’s number.

Colangco was asked how De Lima’s blessing in all these worked, he said he was protected by the security of De Lima themselves and that he was able to talk to De Lima once.
For proof he got a piece of paper from his pocket, which he claimed has De Lima’s number written on it.
He was asked to dictate the number, which resulted to the public having access to it.
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10. When De Lima thanked him for the P3M per month

He was asked to explain how he got the number and what he talked about with De Lima. He said that he asked Jonel to call De Lima and tell her he wants to talk to her to confirm the new instruction. Their conversation was a quick one:
De Lima: O Herbert, O kamusta?
Colangco: Ma’am confirm ko lang po. Nandito po si Sir Jonel, may instruction po sakin.
D: Ok, bahala na kayo dyan.
C: Ma’am confirm ko rin po na yung October po, nagumpisa po siya sa October, kinukuha niya po yung P3M po.
D: Ah ok ok, Herbert, thank you.

Watch the video below:

That’s it, that is how Colangco pinned De Lima to the ground. What can you say about it? We’d love to hear your opinion about this in the comments below!


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