During at the three-hour hearing yesterday morning, Senator Grace Poe proposed a provision to eliminate the traffic problem in the main city of the Philippines through strengthening the cellphone signals and improving the internet speed.
Sen. Grace Poe was urged to proposed this provision after the Department of Information and Communication Technology (DICT) stated that the reason why they cannot install more cell towers is because the red tape or the infrastructure that led our internet speeds to be impossible.
Meanwhile, the DICT Undersecretary Eliseo Rio Jr. has aired his opinion to why not provide the people a wider use of internet-based transactions, telecommuting and teleconferencing as he believes that these are the things that will greatly lessen the road traffic.
Therefore, Sen. Poe said during the meeting:
We want to include the obtaining of permits for cell towers to be part of emergency powers so that we will have faster internet and clear cell phone service. Some people will no longer have to work in offices, they can just work at home.
This will reduce traffic because we can already do telecommuting.-Sen. Poe
The senator emphasized the importance and advantages of working at home and what can do to our country.
When you think about it, if you have good internet service, you can work at home. Your boos will say ‘OK, since our office space is small’ or you’re a mother who would like to be with your children while working, you can work at home.


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