Many senators including Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV, who is known for being the number one critic of President Rodrigo Duterte, expressed their condemnation of Duterte’s remarks for  US President Barrack Obama which caused for the US leader to cancel his supposed meeting with the President.
In an article released by GMA News, Sen. Trillanes pointed out that what Duterte did will threaten the country’s security and foreign relations with the United States of America. 

"President Duterte's vulgar language directed against President Obama is wrong on so many levels and will definitely have detrimental effects on our diplomatic relationship and alliance with the US," – Sen. Trillanes stated quoting from GMA news. 

Moreover, Sen. Trillanes also remarked that the Duterte cannot just run away from what he did to the most powerful leader in the world.

"You don't just slap the face of the most powerful country in the world and expect to get away with it," the Senator added.

On the other hand, Sen. Leila de Lima also expressed her criticism towards the actions of Duterte. According to an article released by Inquirer.net,  Sen. De Lima expressed her worries with regards to the country’s diplomatic relationship with US as consequence to Duterte’s statements for the US President.

“Whatever the brand of foreign policy the President has in mind, it must always be conducted with respect and diplomacy. I am afraid his recent statements against President Obama will have consequences on our bilateral relations, whether immediately or in the near future,” Sen. De Lima said quoting from Inquirer.net.

In connection with this, Sen. De Lima assumed that the US President will consider Duterte’s remarks as his own personal sentiments and therefore does not reflect the perception of the whole Filipino nation to America’s government.

Last Monday, Duterte made his strong remarks about not being a puppet for the US government and he asserted that only Filipinos will receive answer from him and his administration.
Meanwhile, Duterte expressed regrets to what he did when the White House released its cancellation of Duterte and Obama’s supposed first meeting. 

SHOCKING: Trillanes critized Duterte Over Obama Remarks!
Source: TNP, GMA

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