Yesterday’s senate hearing was full of controversies. From the heated exchange of Trillanes and Cayetano to the star witness of De Lima dropping bombshells on the senate. 
TV5 radio personality and TV anchor Erwin Tulfo did his research on the star witness, Edgar Matobato, and what he found has the potential to turn things around in the senate hearing about this case.

Tulfo found out that Matobato was a gun for hire before, and now is just a “witness for hire”.

According to a Facebook post by Mr Tulfo, who apparently hails from Davao himself, word reached him saying that people who know Matobato, tricycle drivers and neighbors, were all laughing to themselves while watching him on TV.
The fishermen of Samal, a place where marine life is abundant, recognized him also. 

Source: TNP , Nowreader

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