Survivors of the Davao bombing that happened on the Davao Night Market on September 3 Friday night claims that before the explosion transpired, a mysterious old woman in black came to them to beg coins from shoppers and later on started warning them.

According to the netizens who later on posted the story, the old woman approached shoppers begging for coins for her sick child and afterwards told them to go home because an earthquake will occur soon.

Netizens Karl Louis Aguado, Iannie Marie Lopoz, Rexcel Anne Llesis and Kimberly Salmeo all shared the same story of encountering the said woman.

Although no confirmation have been made with regards to the legitimacy of the statements, authorities belive that if it was true then the woman would be of great help in the investigation.

Netizens are skeptic about the issue and some claims that the story seems unbelievable, however others are considering the idea that she might have overheard the plans and if it was true, she may be a lead in finding out who the real culprits are.

Source: TNP, FilipinoInfo

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