TV Host Bianca Gonzales-Intal once again slammed President Rodrigo Duterte and has been getting viral around the Social Media. She criticized Duterte for his controversial statement recently.

This statement was from when the President went to the gathering of a religious group held at Davao City on August 31. In a part of his speech he said: "Mabuti hindi ako nasali doon eh 'di ngayon naging bakla na ako."

The TV host actress known for her boldness in voicing her opinions tweeted "Not the most sensitive statement to both priesthood and the LGBT community."

It can be recalled that Duterte earlier admitted that he was sexually harassed on his high school years by a Jesuit priest. This is not the First time that he slammed the Catholic church and even cursed the Pope back in 2013 which he later apologized for. 

Bianca Gonzales Slammed President Duterte; Calls Him 'Insensitive'. READ HERE!
Source: TNP, NowReader

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