President Duterte slammed his critics Monday night over his call for the need to pull out the US special forces in Mindanao– blaming the media anew for the controversy generated by his statements that would have soured the Philippines’ relations with the United States.
“Sabi nila Duterte cannot communicate properly. How can I explain properly when ambush ang interview ninyo, I don’t have the time to explain,” he said in a speech in Davao City where he met with victims of the Sept. 2 explosions.
“Sabi ko one day, kung ayaw talaga nila, Americans might want to go out of Mindanao, walang sinabing Pilipinas. Because Manila people they think, they can control the events of this country,” he said.
Duterte also cast the blame against propagandists of his critics as behind the possible smear campaign.
“May mga PR-PR, bayaran, kundi may agenda,” he said.

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