During a meeting of the President with cabinet members and national security officials in Matina, Davao City, President Rodrigo Duterte opened up the posibilities of hiring the 'Gurkhas' to help the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) defeat the Abu Sayaff Group (ASG) if needed according to Agriculture Secretary Manny Pinol.

Gurkhas are known to be the deadliest fighter in the world, they are Nepalese fighters who work with the British army.

"Better to die than to be a coward," the Gurkhas motto.

The Gurkhas use their traditional weapon kukri during battles and many rumors and great tales surround the said group saying their weapons should taste blood in battle eitherwise they would cut theirselves.

A story was also told that a Gurkha once single-handedly defeated 30 Afghanistan Taliban soldiers and killed them all in an hour.

"If I have to hire the Gurkhas to help us fight the Abu Sayyaf, I am willing to do it," Duterte said.

With the recent Davao bombing that have killed 14 and wounded 60 of Duterte's people from Davao, he is more determined than ever to destroy the ASG.

"There’s no other option. These people are like germs which must be eliminated," he added.

Duterte To Hire Fiercest Nepalese Fighters Known As 'Gurkhas' To Defeat Abu Sayaff!

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