The fearless Senator Leila De Lima remains firm and denies all the evidence against her. Up to now her will to defend herself is still intact, as a matter of fact, she continues to show her fierce side of a woman and nevertheless fires back to Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II.
Secretary Aguirre’s alleged evidence against me is like his toupee, his wig; fake and cosmetics only. There is nothing into it other than that, nothing’s authentic.
According to the fearless De Lima, Aguirre and Duterte should start working in identifying those responsible ones who made the 20,854 minors to be involved in illegal drugs instead of finding ways on how to file a case against her.
What is real however are the killings, what is tragic is that these killings continue unabated. And the criminals, including these so-called vigilantes, are getting bolder while the victims are getting younger.
At this point, the Justice Department should instead focus its efforts on investigating and prosecuting the syndicates the real culprits who force these minors to go into drug pushing. -Sen. De Lima

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