High profile inmate and drug lord of New Bilibid Prison (NBP) Herbert Colangco testified at the senate inquiry on the proliferation of illegal drug activities, revealing many more illicit activities that took place during the term of former Justice Secretary and now Senator Leila De Lima.

In the senate inquiry, Colangco revealed that despite the supposed "maximum security penitentiary", the NBP could be likened to Las Vegas as he admitted paying for the P25,000 entrance fee of 10 women into Bilibid.

He narrated selling women for P70,000-75,000 inside the penitentiary. The profits earned in the prostitution den was then used to pay for his P3 Million obligation to Senator Leila De Lima with the help of Joenel Sanchez, according to Colangco.

According to reports, Colangco admitted creating a compound business complete with hotel-like facilities and amenities.

The alleged prostitution den inside the NBP is just one of the many controversial activities that had been taking place inside the prison for many years.


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