Mocha Uson is a vocal supporter of President Duterte since from the campaign. She has kept her facebook page "MOCHA USON BLOG" as a way to advertise and highlight the works of the former Mayor which emerged as the 16th President of the country. She has gained many haters as well for her aggressive statements to promote Duterte's image but these are not enough to stop her support for Duterte. 

Recently, Mocha pleaded to the President to just boycott the Media as it ruins his image. It can be recalled that President Rodrigo Duterte has previously threatened to boycott the media after getting called out on catcalling a journalist which made headlines to all local news. Uson said: 

"Mr. President, please boycott the media again. Sinisira nila nag iyong imahe para sa kanilang pangsariling interes at pinapangit ang imahe n gating bayan sa ibang bansa. Marami pong mga ka-DDS na ngco-comment po n asana po ay iboycott niyo po uli ang mga BASTOS NA BAYARANG MEDIA.-Mocha Uson to President Duterte"

Source: TNP , Nowreader

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