In an interview with inquirer.net during her turnover of copies of a book on martial law at the Quezon City High School, Sen. Raisa Hontiveros claimed she was already an activist then even though she was in still in high school. PROVE THAT YOU’RE NOT LYING!

In 1980, you were a member of the cast of the stage play “Sound of Music” by Repertory Philippines. When you were interviewed in the TV show “Student Canteen” with some of your co-stars (which included Lea Salonga and Raymond Lauchengco), you said you were 14 years old. That proves earlier posts that you were born in 1966.

Now, Martial Law was declared on Sept. 21, 1972. That makes you a 6-YEAR-OLD kid then. I was born 1958 and was 13 going 14 that time. I also vividly remember that the worst protest rallies happened only until 1976 or 1977. By then you were 10 or 11 years old. When Martial Law was lifted on January 17, 1981, you would have been ONLY 14 OR 15 YEARS OLD.

Only INSANE PARENTS would allow their 10 or 11-year-old kid to join mass actions, with or without a companion. And I’m sure you will NEVER ACCEPT from anyone that your parents were mental patients then, or at any given time. SO HOW THE HELL COULD YOU HAVE BEEN AN ANTI-MARTIAL LAW ACTIVIST?

In your inquirer.net interview, you said you had vivid memories of that period. So please enumerate what EXACTLY DID YOU DO as an activist – what rallies did you join, when and where? Who were the organizers? How did you participate? If you will say that you did not join protest rallies, then justify why you must be considered an activist. Detail what activities did you engage in which makes you an activist. Elaborate on what vivid memories are yo talking about. Most of all, come out with pictures or any certified document which proves you were an activist or should be looked up to as one.

Let’s be VERY CLEAR, we’re talking ONLY of Martial Law, and not AFTER it was lifted. If you cannot come out with any evidence, show us why you should still be trusted.

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