Former President Benigno Aquino III have expressed doubt regarding current President Rodrigo Duterte's vow of eradicating drug and crimes in the country within 6 months, according to a recent post from the page of ABS-CBN - Aquino Broadcasting System Cojuanco Broadcasting Network.

According to a photo shared by the page, Aquino implied that Duterte should deliver just as he promised the public.

Although there had been no confirmation as to what Aquino truly said and when he truly did utter the words, the online community have quickly reacted earning criticisms from the public. Many even recalled Aquino's bluff noting that he would willingly be ran over by a train if he cannot deliver the line 1 extension he previously promised.

Former President Aquino III Expresses Doubt On Duterte's 6-Month Vow, Unsure If Duterte Could Deliver!
Source :TNP, Facebook

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